I´m in the process of transitioning to a more eco-friendly life. This includes minimalizing my trash, using more natural and near-produced products, increasing reuse of products and simply finding alternatives to environment-consuming ways. In a short series #firsttinyecosteps I will share the first tiny steps I am making to transition in to a more environmental friendly lifestyle.

This is a fairly new thing for me. I´ve been conscious of my impact before and tried not to do overly wasteful things, to never litter, to choose good alternative etc. But I never actually thought about it and strived to be better. I´ve preferred ecological, but I´ve never gone out of my way to change things or find alternatives. But I am trying to do that not. Most of the thing I´ve changed are simple ones that are easy to do, not expensive and make a tiny impact on how I live my life. It does however mean something to the larger picture. Which is why my first tiny eco steps is something you should do too.