Also know as, the bamboo brush of awesome.

I think I got my first bamboo toothbrush as a gift from my mom, mostly because its socially sustainable. The one I´ve got is one of those that donate one for every brush you buy. And I´m known for loving those products.

If I´m being honest my care for the environment is not actually for the environment, but for all people who live in it. I care more that burning plastic is harmful for humans then for the environment. And I care more that the clothing industry is producing jobs with lousy pay and horrible condition, than I am with it putting a strain on the environment. It does, however, serve the same cause. Choosing BETTER products and more sustainable products, for the environment and for my fellow humans.

Regardless of the reason I got the bamboo brush, I´ve loved it since. I feel mentally better using it, and I think it’s more comfortable. I´m one of those people that bite my toothbrush (stupid, yes) and I must say that the bamboo brush is more up for the challenge than a normal brush. Plus, it is pretty. Win, win I say.