I´ve written it before, but changing to cloth pads have probably been one on the bigger tiny eco steps I´ve taken. And to be honest it is a bit of an adjustment. You must wash them, instead of just throwing it away. And you must solve how to get them to stay in place with no sticky tape. And you must keep them somewhere because they do take more room. And you must figure out how to use them while you´re traveling or away during the day. It´s a bit more work.

But it is totally worth it.

I think it’s one of the best steps I´ve taken toward a more sustainable life. It makes less trash, its more healthy and natural, and it makes me more accepting and almost appreciative of my period. There are more to those reasons of course, such as the material, moistness and crazy whiteness of fabricated pads, but I will not go in to it because I don´t know it to well. I do however know that cloth pads have made a major difference for me and my period, and I would recommend it to anyone.