… is the climbing hall. I think I go there three to four days a week, and I finally got my partner to join last week.  I do bouldering, which is the low walls, but will do some high walls when my partner has got the green card for climbing 🙂

Reasons to go climbing:

It’s a whole body work out. In the start it’s mostly your arms, but soon you start using your whole body. Today I feel it pretty everywhere.

strenght and stretch. Sometimes you have to really have to use your muscles, and sometimes you have to stretch your toes as far away and humanly possible, and sometimes your foot have to be next to your hand. It’s challenging and fun.

you can see your progress. There’s a grading system, so you can really challenge yourself and see where you progress.

people are great. I’ve talked to so many random people while solving problems, and people are always ready to help you out. I haven’t really seen that in other activities.

it’s fun. Really, really fun. Challenging on your own level, stretchy, powerful and social. It’s perfect for me.

Go try it!