Do I have to buy specific products – like only glass?

Or do I look at how long it travelled to get here, and try just to shop near-produced?

Do I prioritize raw food and avoid long processes that demand a lot of energy?

Do I only buy recycled stuff and nothing new?

Does it mean re-suing until everything is broken before I get something new?

Does it mean that I should grow as much as possible at home?

Or is it sorting my garbage and recycling?

Is it always taking the train and bus instead of car and plane?

Do I avoid plastic or do I just recycle it carefully?

Is it to always turn of the light and tv and stuff or do I try to avoid it overall?

There are so many things I keep asking myself what the best solution is. And add to that the social aspect: growing cotton, picking fruits, sewing clothes – all those industries can be awful and I should opt for the better alternatives. But it is such a maze! Where does one even start?