We spent almost 4 hours at Vegomässan, which is Sweden’s biggest vegan expo. The organizer of the event is Djurrättsalliansen (Animal Rights Alliance).
The concept of Vegomässan is: to collect the most companies and organizations selling veg products or working with veg- related issues under one roof for one day. This way, you can take part of a unique and unbeatable range of veg everything at the same time. The fair holds something for everyone whether you are already vego or curious about a greener lifestyle and in search for inspiration.”

There were lots and LOTS of things to see and taste. I think we tasted about 4 different brands of vegan ice cream and all of them had a variety of different flavours.
Here is a picture of the new Swedish brand named Tre Vänners GlassFrom left to right we have, Roasted nuts and Caramel sauce + a pinch of salt,  Peppermint and Chocolate and last but not least Pineapple and Coconut.
All three of the flavors were out of this world! The swirl of caramel sauce and the cunkyness of the nuts, drooool… I have been longing for a vegan mint ice cream and this one tasted just like a Finnish candy called Pätkis. The coconut and pineapple flavor was not as heavy as the two other ones, it was more fruity but still delicious.

There were numbers of different vegan cheeses out on taste, but Erika not being a fan of cheese, and me not liking the consistency and taste of many vegan cheeses, it was just not something for us. All sorts of tofu was also on display and for sale, some were good but cold tofu has its way of tasting like wet rubber in my opinion. I am sure that the tofu products would have tasted better if they were cooked and hot.


There was also this Estonian chocolate factory/bakery which had the most fantastic baked goods and gigantic chocolate balls I’ve ever seen. They were literally almost as big as Erikas face😂 We shared this vanilla one and it was amazing.



Truffles, snickers, cakes, you name it. After tasting us through monters from companies like Oumph!, Frill, Anamma and more plus looking at cruelty-free cosmetics and Corkei leather we headed out to the Food truck court.


Erika had a Veggie burger, which looked really yummy. I love how the pickled red onion matches her outfit.


And I had a pie/salad with beet hummus.IMG_8724

The day was really nice, I wish there were vegan expos more often (:
Here is what I came home with:
Go Green Quinoa and Coconut drink- free
Red lentil pasta- free
Blue Spirulina powder- 70 sek
MyVegies 100% Soy protein 900g – 150 sek
In Kale We Trust T-shirt- 300 sek
Plus a tummy stuffed with lovely foods, and a really happy feeling- free