Starting Monday, Nikki and I am challenging ourselves to live waste free for a week. But what does this mean?

We find several of the active zero-waste bloggers such an inspiration in their effort and want to explore how we can join forces. The goal is, like the name depicts, to create zero, or minimal, waste.

One of the primary things to do it to get rid of plastic and paper containers for food and products. Even though we have a sophisticated recycling system for these in Sweden, paper containers can only be recycled about five times and most plastic is never recycled, it has a limited lifespan and is mostly just burned for energy and heat.

So, plastic and paper containers should go. Instead, metal and glass can be recycled infinitely. Zero-waste then is about finding the sustainable materials that has minimal impact on the environment, and has zero-probability to end up in the sea, or a dumpster or burned (poisoning the air).

Aside from prioritizing metal and glass over plastic for food and products container, it’s also changing to more natural products. Similar to the tiny eco steps such as using cloth pads, bamboo toothbrush, and metal water bottle. We don´t realise how many plastic containers we have in life such as toothpaste, deo, soap, shampoo etc. This makes it interesting.

So our ground rules are:

  • no plastic containers for anything
  • no paper containers for ex. food
  • food waste should be minimal
  • all other waste is kept for comparison

We will update everyday with the challenges we´ve meet that day, and at the end of the week we will look at how to continue to minimalize our waste. Stay tuned!