I am what I would call a natural abstainer. I don’t refrain from drinking from moral grounds or bad experiences, but because I don’t like the taste. For me it doesn’t make sense how you have to “get used” to it to enjoy it, so I’ve simply not tried to. And happy that way – non-alcoholic wine is faaaar better tasting!

You’re assumed to like alcohol (especially as a young adult) and to have ample experience. Sometimes that actually makes me feel left out or embarrassed that I don’t drink. And I hate that. How can drinking be an expectation?

When I went to gymnasium (our collage) my two best friends were an absolutist and a religious non-drinker. Drinking was never even on the agenda. So when people share stories of the time they got drunk and puked or that crazy thing they did intoxicated –  I have no story.

More than awkwardness on my part, it leads to some people viewing me as taking the high ground and thinking I’m better. Now they become protective of their drinking – claiming it to be the height of youth- or they clam up and become embarrassed.

It’s rarely a smooth thing. It is however just a choice. I don’t judge people for it, just I don’t want to be judged for my choices. I would advocate a white drinking style for anyone who cares to listen (because I do believe it to be healthier and safe for those around me), but I would not force it upon someone.

Advocate or not, I do sometimes which I had a crazy-drunk story just to be part of the group. Which is quite sad. So for that reason, I wish drinking weren’t a norm – but a simple choice. We’re getting closer to that though, and a lot more people are choosing a to go white. So at least I’m in good company.