As said, living zero-waste was not my thing. Mostly because of food limitations. I will post my week of waste in another post, but this is some thought on the week and waste-free living.

Here is why its not my thing:

– diy toothpaste feels wierd, and I’m not convinced of it’s effectiveness.  Buying better toothpaste is something I will absolutely do though.

– it’s super heavy to buy more metal and glass. Like beans which I eat a ton of. But, in some cases I will continue to prioritise it.

– buying bulk and package free is quite a hassle since it’s not available everywhere and more expensive. I wish it was easy and would love to lobby for stores to make it more available, but right now its not.

– it limits your options and you have to think a lot more of what you eat. It’s hard. And with all the other issues, it becomes too hard.

There are however some things I take with me:

– when buying fruit and veggies you don’t need plastic bags for them

– pretty much anyting can be properly recycled. I think I will remove my “normal” waste bin for only recyclable stuff.

– glass and metal is best, cardboard is ok, ditch the plastic. When possible.

– fresh bread is tasty and easy to buy

– you don’t need soy or other replacement products,  beans are awesome. Variations is gold though .

– frozen banana and lots of lemon makes awesome ice cream

– home made deodorant is easy and usable. Worth it.


I think my major issue with zero-waste is that is complicated. As my partner said after all that hassle: it doesn’t make much difference is we do this. I needs a lot of people. So the responsibility  should be on the stores to make it more available. They should be the ones who help reduce waste.

And I agree.

Me and my partner talked a bit about it this week and decided that for us it’s more important what is in the product than how its packaged.  We would rather eat healthy, near produced, ecological, chemical-free and socialy sustainable. That is more important than the packaging.

Especially socialy sustainable is important to me. I rather take the time this took and put it into researching how some foods are made so I can make an informed choice to buy what is in and behind the product.

And that was my thoughs on this waste free week.