Yesterday was the last day of a week of awesome climbing. Me and my partner have spent the week in france with wonderful instructors, really beautiful views and awesome walls. It has been amazing.

I’ve never done outdoors climbing before so it was wonderful to try and really different from indoors. I have all the muscles and mind set so had little trouble adapting in general, but the size of the grips where a revelation. They are tiny!

Now I’m confident standing on my tip toes with little grip, I can hold on with the tip of one finger and lift with only a few fingers. This will totally up my game at home.

Now we’re spending a few days traveling by care to see the countryside and then we’re of to Corsica for a few days. I’m looking forward to it, but also to coming home and trying my new skills.

In the area of sustainability a lot of thoughts have crossed my mind, and i will tell u more in the days to come. Untill then, here are some pictures!

Lots of fun, lots of challenge and one thing is sure, my fingers are sore as hell.