Speaking sustainability, I loved my week of climbing but for being such an outdoorsy activites centre, the whole sustainable idea was missing in several areas (great in some, but thats for an other entry). And there was little I could do to change or even oppose it in a tiny way. I was already that annoying swede who asked if there was someting without meat.

Every day we had our lunch out by the wall. It was packaged in bulk – yhey. Buy we had plastic utensils, paper plates and the desets we’re in plastic wrappers. Every day. And for an orgainsation who feeds 20 people a day for the entire summer, that’s a lot of plastic where other options could be favored. I do however realise the issue, as we had to carry our things and platics is really light. But sustainable utensils such as bamboo is a valid and lightweight option. Simply, there where things to improve.

This might not be that awful, since nothing was thrown into nature but taken back to the centre. However, there was ONE waste bin. No sorting whatsoever. Plastic, paper, food waste and beer cans all went in to the same trash can. That hurt my heart a little. I almost wanted to take all the aluminium cans with me to throw in a recyclable bin. Despite us being in a bit of a remote village, I honestly don’t see how proper recycling would be an issue.

I think these were my two main issues that pretty much forced me to compile with them. I wanted to do differently and do good, but there was no such option. That hurt a little.

And also, it hurt my sustainable minimal-waste heart that we got single yogurt packages at breakfast. I had two each day cuz I love yoghurt and you need lots of food for climbing, but it makes me feel guilty.  I actively contributed to more waste.

In a way, that’s one of the worst kinds of waste because as a “user” I had no other option than to refuse to eat and be the crankiest bitch ever. So now I’m the bad guy too.

The trouble is, I don’t think they identify this as an issue. They don’t see the impact they have on the environment and that more sustainable solutions could be used, like bamboo utensils and a proper recycling system. Being in a remote village don’t stop that. So there is room for improvement.  And I’m considering writing them an email to ask about considering sustainable solutions, since they do have other alternatives in areas such as sleeping quarters, water use and cooking.

So I guess it’s my responsibility to act, I just wish it wasn’t that hard and that daunting.