I love clothes and fabrics. I love looking pretty and I love feeling comfortable. I love finding that perfect outfit and trying out new things. But I hate shopping (it feels crowded) and I hate the concept of fast fashion where there is always something new to try. As a human rights advocate and believer in social sustainability I’ve tried to move further and further away from big brands and companies that give little insight into their process. I do my best to buy only second hand and or things I´m given.

This is often a bit restricting. So I´ve decided to look more into slow fashion – brands that invest in themselves socially and take responsibility for their workers. Often with the added benefit of using better materials. If you’re into sustainable fashion I hope you have checked out some awesome slow-fashion bloggers from your area, otherwise you should. If you are interested, you should also check out documentaries like The True Cost on why we need slow fashion.

So, for the coming year I challenge myself to buy slow and sustainable fashion, freshly produced and second hand. I will document this journey through this blog every Sunday with a little Sunday Wardrobe piece. As an extra challenge, I´m taking up my gradually-ok sewing skills. I´ve made some stuff before but now it’s time for more. I have a few things in mind for this year, so let’s see how it goes!