How to make a clean joke

PK- klubben
Last week my mother turned 40, so I had bought us tickets to a stand up show called PK- Klubben (translated to Politically Correct Club).
It was hosted by two social media active power women, Clara and Cissi. And holy damn it was good! They had four guest comedians which all of them had cool and funny things to come with. The topics varied from all between periods, guys with no sense of moral, vaginas, Donald Trump and the climate change, the offended white male, discrimination of people based on their colour and farts.
The main thing about this comedy club is that they only “kick upwards” as they phrased it.
No old jokes about women in the kitchen, disabled people etc. And it was so liberating to know, that every single soul in that theatre had good opinions and knew how you should treat other people.

There was some “harsher” parts but as one of the guest comedians said, “I only joke about things that I own, like my own disabilities, my own nationality and things that are in some way attached to me”.
I am from Finland for example, this makes it okay for me to joke about it, because this is a label that is attached to me, or that I have chosen to attach to myself. It would not be okay for me to joke about somebody who is for example adopted or in a wheel chair, but it is okay to joke about being a girl, facial scarring or Finnish people and Sauna. Because these labels are mine, therefore they are also mine to joke about.

What they meant with kicking upwards was also that it is more okay to joke about those who are on top of the hierarchy. For example there are more male bosses in Sweden that are named Stefan, than there are female bosses in total. Here it would be okay to joke about all the Stefans, because they are a majority. Kicking back on minorities is never okay. If the minority has an opinion which differs from yours, just ignore them and don’t give them air time in your private talk show aka your life.
Just do like Miriam Bryant sings:
Rocket, rocket, rocket away.
I’m rocketing away, cause I need space (from your ugly ass discriminating opinions).🚀🚀🚀


I got 99 problems but…

… not eating eggs ain’t one. Hey guys look!

I took a stroll around Goodstore in town and bought some cruelty-free egg replacement. Can’t wait to try it in my baking and cooking!
I have been using aquafaba (chickpea water), chia seeds and banana as egg replacement, so it is going to be very interesting to try this out.
It even says on the backside how much to use depending on how much/ what in the egg you are replacing.

Here is a list called ” 21 Things the Egg Industry Doesn’t Want You to See” made by the organisation PETA.
You can find the whole list here.

1. It takes approximately 34 hours for a hen to produce an egg.

2. So to keep up with demand, more than 300 million hens are used by the U.S. egg industry every year.

7. The females head to a life in the egg industry …

8. … and the males are either tossed into trash bags to suffocate …

9. … or ground up alive.

Mina flickor i Nepal

För fyra år sedan var jag i Nepal fösta gången. Jag tror att jag runt den här tiden var kvar i Kathmandu och snart skulle åka till ett flickhem väster ut. För stunden borde jag i ett annat flickhem med 20 underbara flickor mellan nio och tjugo år. Två av dem har jag regelbunden kontakt med och skrev senast till här om dagen. Jag saknar dem och de andra flickorna i huset enormt mycket. Jag bodde med dem i någon månad och de kom att betyda så mycket för mig. Jag växte mycket som person, och jag fick så många fina vänner. Tanken på dom värmer mig fortfarande. De är anledningen till att jag studerar det jag gör, till att jag tror så mycket på utbildning och att man kan vända sitt liv runt om man tror på sig själv och får stödet. Det var precis vad de hade gjort. Från slavar till hårt jobbande studenter, vänner och systrar med så mycket kärlek.


Därför gjorde det besöket två år senare så mycket svårare. Att återse dem, speciellt de två flickor jag haft kontakten med var underbart. Alla hade växt så mycket på två år, utvecklat sin engelska så mycket och var fortfarande så glada och genuina. Men så hände det som inte får hända – allt skakade och rasade. Jag minns fortfarande när jag satt ute med en av mina volontär-vänner och marken skakade något enormt, huset svajade med vatten som föll från tanken på taket. Alla sprang ut ur huset, i panik ner för flera trappor och alla stod chockade och visste inte vad som hänt. Sen började siffrorna komma in, 50 döda, 100 döda, 150, 200, 500, 1000, 2000. Och det tog aldrig slut.

Många efterskalv, tårar och panikinfall senare var vi tillbaka i Kathmandu. Mycket var i spillror, hela hus borta, vissa kapade i delar. Men alla jag kände levde, flickorna jag bott med levde. Det var en sån tröst att se dem igen. Och alla var så starka att jag beundrar dem så mycket. Jag kände för att bryta ihop, men de fick oss att fortsätta. Man valde fokusera på att återuppbygga, väggar och liv. Man hjälptes åt, man stod tillsammans och man fokuserade på framtiden. Jag är fortfarande så imponerad av dem, alla flickorna och pojkarna på hemmen. Alla runt omkring.

Idag fortsätter dem imponera, de fortsätter kämpa och ta nya initiativ och göra nya saker. Det finns så mycket styrka hos de här flickorna att jag är så stolt och glad. Och varje gång jag får ett mail av dem, så är jag så glad att dom har fått den chansen. Jag är så glad att dom blivit räddade från sitt liv som slavar, att dom fått chansen att studera, att dom har varandra, och att dem lever. Jag saknar dem enormt, men det bästa är endå att jag fortfarande kan vara stolt över dem och att jag fortfarande har en chans att få träffa dem. Att de finns.

My morning musts


Lately I have had tendency of being a bit tired in the mornings. Usually I am a morning person and do not have any problems getting out of bed. I work full time and most of my mornings are early ones, and sometimes I get to bed waYyyyy too late.
But I have tree little things I always try to do, just to give myself the best start I can get.
Always eat breakfast
Even though I am not that old, I have gotten to know myself during these 19 years. Me doing stuff on an empty stomach, especially when it is mentally challenging, is a BIG no no.
If I do not want the outcome of it to be me ending up crying, screaming or irritated as fuck I better eat. Not just for me, for everyone else’s safety.
 Walk outside
I try to walk to work every morning. It’s roughly 5 km, which is a perfect length for me. It takes about 45 minutes in a normal/slow tempo which gives me enough time to wake up properly and plan my day in my head.
 Put on a podcast
Instead of watching tv or scrolling Instagram I put on a podcast. I believe that I get more out of it and can do other stuff in the same time like making breakfast or packing my bag etc. While walking to work it feels like I am in the conversation with the podcast hosts and I have had several people look at me strangely because of all the times I’ve started laughing uncontrollably.
But what ever, I am happy and that is the important thing.
So remember that, always focus on what makes you happy. Because it is the small things that build up your life, and it is happening right now. Not tomorrow, not next weekend. Now.

This here is a blog about sustainability – which is something we believe in. We are Nikki (vegan and health nut) and Erika (human rights advocate), both trying to good one step at a time!

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