I got 99 problems but…

... not eating eggs ain't one. Hey guys look! I took a stroll around Goodstore in town and bought some cruelty-free egg replacement. Can't wait to try it in my baking and cooking! I have been using aquafaba (chickpea water),... Continue Reading →

Mina flickor i Nepal

För fyra år sedan var jag i Nepal fösta gången. Jag tror att jag runt den här tiden var kvar i Kathmandu och snart skulle åka till ett flickhem väster ut. För stunden borde jag i ett annat flickhem med... Continue Reading →

My morning musts

  Lately I have had tendency of being a bit tired in the mornings. Usually I am a morning person and do not have any problems getting out of bed. I work full time and most of my mornings are... Continue Reading →

Hello friends! We have decided to make some new arrangements on the blog to make it both easier for you guys and for us. We will focus our writing on more specific topics such as health in all forms and... Continue Reading →

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