An easy wrap

This summer I did my first zero-waste wrapping. It turned out better than expected.

For wrapping papers I used a food magazine for its pretty pictures. It looked much nicer than using newspaper, which are a thinner material, has more advertising and can leave ink impressions. I used a paper based twine to tie it together. I´m quite happy with the results though it was hard to keep the paper down and in place while adding the twine.

The couple I gave it to sadly threw the paper in the normal trash can, along with the twine (which they cut instead of opening), so it wasn’t recycled or reused yet another time. I wasn’t fast enough to stop them, but next time I will try to be before they open. The more usage the better, especially for the twine since it’s not harmed in any way during the packaging.


To do this you just need: magazine paper, scissors, twine and fast fingers.

Good luck!

A must-do tiny eco step

An easy and necessary little step to take is changing your plastic water bottle to a metallic or glass one. The next step it to actually use it and refill it. If you, like me, live in a country where tap water is clean and drinkable this is a must-do.

My metallic bottle is one I got a long time ago from 4H but did not use regularly until recently. Today it goes with me everywhere. I love that it has a carbine and can hang on my bag, otherwise I would have to leave it behind a lot.

Which kind of bottle do you use?

A cup of awesomeness 

Another period-related tiny step I´ve taken is using a cup. And I don’t think I can say enough kind things about it. I´m using it as I write and it is simply so easy.

I saw an article the other day that a normal pad contains the same amount of plastic as 3 or 4 plastic bags. I didn’t look into it so I don´t know the sources, but there is for sure a fair bit of plastic in them. Along with other materials, and blood of course, making it hard to recycle. Thats pure waste when we have good alternatives: cloth pads.

I think the largest objections I’ve meet when speaking about cloth pads is that is outside your body and gets a bit gross. This then is the same people that  wouldn’t wear a regular pad either since it’s outside the body. I´ve always found tampons scary – it’s a bit of treated cotton you put inside you. I hate the feeling – when it’s full it swells and becomes really uncomfortable. When its not full enough it’s hard to get it out because it’s all dry. And when you put it in its all dry aswell, making it less than comfortable.

This is where cups win. They are neither dry or super heavy. They are easy to get in a variation perfect for your vagina – small or large, hard or soft, tall or short. I find them super easy to put in, and they are more comfortable to keep in there – I don’t feel them at all. Plus, I can take it out anytime without any harm.

Plus, the optimal worth of course: they can be reused for several years. No more buying tampons and throwing used one out – creating even more waste. It feels more sustainable since it’s something I know creates less waste. Also, having something that is reused and last a long time feels awesome in it self. And that feeling is great. Not only can I be comfortable during my period, but I can feel that I’m actively minimising my environmental footprint every day. 

The tote bag of awesome

I must admit I am a tad in love with my tote bag. Definitely one of the best tiny eco steps out there. My favourite, and most used one, is this beauty I got from my dear friend Faryal. Super sturdy, reliable, with the best text and always in my backpack. What more can you want from a tote bag?

I´m better than unicorns and sparkles combined

This one I usually use for my climbing clothes, shoes and calk, but when in need it takes the role of a shopping bag. If you have not done so yet, get a tote bag! No more plastic bags for shopping – it’s such a waste. It produces a lot of plastic, the handles will break unexpectedly, and there is no way you need that many garbage bags! A tote bag is easy to bring along when you shop, or to just keep in the bottom of your bag for when need arises. Plus, it looks good.

And you can never have enough good looking tote bags. I´m expanding my collections as we speak – just had two before so there’s lot of room to expand that! 😀

A tiny step of cloth

I´ve written it before, but changing to cloth pads have probably been one on the bigger tiny eco steps I´ve taken. And to be honest it is a bit of an adjustment. You must wash them, instead of just throwing it away. And you must solve how to get them to stay in place with no sticky tape. And you must keep them somewhere because they do take more room. And you must figure out how to use them while you´re traveling or away during the day. It´s a bit more work.

But it is totally worth it.

I think it’s one of the best steps I´ve taken toward a more sustainable life. It makes less trash, its more healthy and natural, and it makes me more accepting and almost appreciative of my period. There are more to those reasons of course, such as the material, moistness and crazy whiteness of fabricated pads, but I will not go in to it because I don´t know it to well. I do however know that cloth pads have made a major difference for me and my period, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Wood in my kitchen

I´ve done it. I´ve introduced the second wooden cutting board into our kitchen. My first one have been with us a little longer, replacing the plastic ones. My partner is still using the plastic ones, but they´re on the way out the door. Our new cutting board is tiny, but it does have a tiny purpose so that okay. My big cutting board is for veggies and I don’t want meat on it. So the little one is for meat only. Normally, this is reverse proportions, but considering my partner eat meat 1-2 days a week and it’s just for one person, it serves its purpose wonderfully, I think. The big challenge is for it to be used! I don´t understand why is so hard to give up on the plastic one for the wooden one. Maybe I need to work on my powers of persuasion. First step is getting the alternative there though, getting rid of the plastics is yet another step.

A first tiny step

Also know as, the bamboo brush of awesome.

I think I got my first bamboo toothbrush as a gift from my mom, mostly because its socially sustainable. The one I´ve got is one of those that donate one for every brush you buy. And I´m known for loving those products.

If I´m being honest my care for the environment is not actually for the environment, but for all people who live in it. I care more that burning plastic is harmful for humans then for the environment. And I care more that the clothing industry is producing jobs with lousy pay and horrible condition, than I am with it putting a strain on the environment. It does, however, serve the same cause. Choosing BETTER products and more sustainable products, for the environment and for my fellow humans.

Regardless of the reason I got the bamboo brush, I´ve loved it since. I feel mentally better using it, and I think it’s more comfortable. I´m one of those people that bite my toothbrush (stupid, yes) and I must say that the bamboo brush is more up for the challenge than a normal brush. Plus, it is pretty. Win, win I say.

My first tiny eco steps


I´m in the process of transitioning to a more eco-friendly life. This includes minimalizing my trash, using more natural and near-produced products, increasing reuse of products and simply finding alternatives to environment-consuming ways. In a short series #firsttinyecosteps I will share the first tiny steps I am making to transition in to a more environmental friendly lifestyle.

This is a fairly new thing for me. I´ve been conscious of my impact before and tried not to do overly wasteful things, to never litter, to choose good alternative etc. But I never actually thought about it and strived to be better. I´ve preferred ecological, but I´ve never gone out of my way to change things or find alternatives. But I am trying to do that not. Most of the thing I´ve changed are simple ones that are easy to do, not expensive and make a tiny impact on how I live my life. It does however mean something to the larger picture. Which is why my first tiny eco steps is something you should do too.

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