The tote bag of awesome

I must admit I am a tad in love with my tote bag. Definitely one of the best tiny eco steps out there. My favourite, and most used one, is this beauty I got from my dear friend Faryal. Super... Continue Reading →

A tiny step of cloth

I´ve written it before, but changing to cloth pads have probably been one on the bigger tiny eco steps I´ve taken. And to be honest it is a bit of an adjustment. You must wash them, instead of just throwing... Continue Reading →

Wood in my kitchen

I´ve done it. I´ve introduced the second wooden cutting board into our kitchen. My first one have been with us a little longer, replacing the plastic ones. My partner is still using the plastic ones, but they´re on the way... Continue Reading →

A first tiny step

Also know as, the bamboo brush of awesome. I think I got my first bamboo toothbrush as a gift from my mom, mostly because its socially sustainable. The one I´ve got is one of those that donate one for every... Continue Reading →

My first tiny eco steps

Hi! I´m in the process of transitioning to a more eco-friendly life. This includes minimalizing my trash, using more natural and near-produced products, increasing reuse of products and simply finding alternatives to environment-consuming ways. In a short series #firsttinyecosteps I... Continue Reading →

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