Cook in bulk

As a student sustainability has always been important to me. In regards to food, economical sustainability has been a major question to me and I can probably count on my hands the times I’ve bought lunch on the go. I have always had an interest for cooking, and a mind for saving a few pennies so bringing my food has been natural to me. For a student, it’s almost a must. After graduation, I continue seeing it as a must.


Beside allowing me to eat exactly what I wanted, I know exactly what is in it. It is more economical: buying in bulk it’s cheaper and I don’t have to waste money on fast food. Its also more environment friendly: I can use healthy, near produced products to make my lunch and I use recyclable containers thus minimizing every-day waste. It’s a win win in every way.


The perfect Reuse

This summer, there have been a few dinners out on the balcony. We have quite a small balcony and no room for a table (I have to many plants too). In a stroke of genius I realized that the balcony jar thing we got for my birthday is a perfect plate holder! Look at that – it’s like it was made for it!

I love it when things can be reused and repurposed, whether is simply though usage or a small DIY-process.



Chocolate chip cookies

I bought an egg replacement powder a couple of weeks ago.
Yesterday I baked chocolate chip/nut cookies and they turned out great!
So I wanted to share the recipe with you guys:


Chocolate chip cookies

170 g dairy-free butter
2 dl brown sugar
1,5 dl cane sugar (or normal sugar if you like)
1 egg + one egg yolk = 2 teaspoon egg replacement powder +2,5 tablespoon water
5 dl flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon vanilla
200 g of chocolate chips
Nuts of your preference

1. Set the oven on 170 degrees
2. Melt the butter and whip it together with the brown and the cane sugar.
3. Mix the egg replacement and the water in a small cup so that it blends, then add it to the butter and sugar mix.
4. Mix all the remaining dry ingredients together in a separate bowl, then combine the two bowls and make a firm dough. Mix in the chocolate.
5. Let the dough rest for approx 20 min in the refrigerator.
6. Make 25 small balls and spread them out on at least 2 baking sheets. Pro tip: if you want thick cookies don’t press out the balls too much, I let mine stay almost as balls.
7. Put them in the oven for approx 10-12 min.
8. Embrace your inner Cookie Monster (I’ve had 7 of them in less than 24 hours<333)


Day 4- the sloppy lunchbox

Today went good actually.  I started work a bit later so I had a loong breakfast and enjoyed some tv-series. I made a smoothie bowl consisting of frozen pineapple and banana plus some lime juice and zest. The taste was very refreshing and nice, so it’s a recommend recommend on this one (;  I also made it a bit nicer by carving out half of a pineapple and using it as my bowl. Zero waste, you know.

IMG_8768Todays lunchbox, which I did not take a picture of, was a sloppy mess of everything thrown into a glass container. Some rice, lentils, beans, tomato sauce, grated carrot and zucchini. It was ok, but could have been nicer. I’m just a bit too lazy/ have a lack of time to make something proper.

Right now I am enjoying a bowl of (also sloppy and not so picture friendly) whole grain pasta with kidney beans, tomato and a vegan red pesto. Nice and filling, but not that beautiful.

I also made a kind of banana bread this morning. It turned out good, but not perfect. I didn’t use any recipe and it was kind of hard to bake without bakbig powder or such. The ingredients I used were bananas, oats, mixed nuts, peanut butter, chia seeds and aquafaba.IMG_8767

The Story Behind The (Almost) Homemade Subway Sandwich

Yesterday was a preeetty specked day!
I had work at the 4H stable from 8 am to 5 pm.
A funny thing was that there were lots of activity stations such as Zumba, orientation and cycling in the park where the 4H stable is located. This was organised for a  big crowd  of people and we contributed with horse and carriage rides. When all of the activity stations were closing down one of them donated a whole box of eco bananas to me and Erika. WIN!

After my work day I got a ride straight to my crossfit class which was between 6-7 pm.
After that me and my mom fed the animals at 4H their night snack.
Then we quickly drove to the grocery store to pick up something to eat. I thought this was a bit of a challenge because I was really hungry and had to find something filling but no waste to eat. I bought the biggest walnut/fig bread loaf that I could find from their bakery and had lots of the bananas that were donated to us earlier that day.
Then we drove approximately 40 mins to my uncles garage (he’s a mechanic) and left our car with him. My mom is leaving for Malaysia today, and will be away for 10 weeks. I don’t have a license, so it’s better that the car is being used at my uncles than if it would just stand and rust at our parking lot.

After all the events yesterday, we got home around 9.30 pm. I had no time or energy to make something proper for today’s lunch.
So I used the other half of the bread and made a sandwich.
A real damn good sandwich, if I may.

Sweetpotato soup and seed crackers

Sweet potato soup recipe

1 large sweet potato
1 teaspoon sambal oelek
2 tablespoon coconut cream
Water- until you get the consistency you like (I like mine thick)

Peel and cut the potato in to cubes and put it in the oven for approx. 35 min in 200 C, or until the potato is soft. Mix the potatoes together with all the other ingredients until smooth and creamy.

Seed crackers

2 dl oats
1dl walnuts
1 dl mixed seeds and nuts such as sunflower, pumpkin etc
0,5 dl chia seeds
2 tbs coconut oil
2 dl water

With a blender: grind the oats and walnuts into a meal.
Mix the meal with the rest of the ingredients without a blender to get a nice and chunky texture.
Let the dough set for 10 minutes, so that it can soak up the water properly.

Press it out flat and even (I reused an old baking sheet but you can also just put some oil on the bakestone), put it in the oven for about 40 minutes on 160 C.
Cut out the size of your crackers right after you have taken it out of the oven, before it has gone too stale.


Saturday 10/6 Vegan expo

We spent almost 4 hours at Vegomässan, which is Sweden’s biggest vegan expo. The organizer of the event is Djurrättsalliansen (Animal Rights Alliance).
The concept of Vegomässan is: to collect the most companies and organizations selling veg products or working with veg- related issues under one roof for one day. This way, you can take part of a unique and unbeatable range of veg everything at the same time. The fair holds something for everyone whether you are already vego or curious about a greener lifestyle and in search for inspiration.”

There were lots and LOTS of things to see and taste. I think we tasted about 4 different brands of vegan ice cream and all of them had a variety of different flavours.
Here is a picture of the new Swedish brand named Tre Vänners GlassFrom left to right we have, Roasted nuts and Caramel sauce + a pinch of salt,  Peppermint and Chocolate and last but not least Pineapple and Coconut.
All three of the flavors were out of this world! The swirl of caramel sauce and the cunkyness of the nuts, drooool… I have been longing for a vegan mint ice cream and this one tasted just like a Finnish candy called Pätkis. The coconut and pineapple flavor was not as heavy as the two other ones, it was more fruity but still delicious.

There were numbers of different vegan cheeses out on taste, but Erika not being a fan of cheese, and me not liking the consistency and taste of many vegan cheeses, it was just not something for us. All sorts of tofu was also on display and for sale, some were good but cold tofu has its way of tasting like wet rubber in my opinion. I am sure that the tofu products would have tasted better if they were cooked and hot.


There was also this Estonian chocolate factory/bakery which had the most fantastic baked goods and gigantic chocolate balls I’ve ever seen. They were literally almost as big as Erikas face😂 We shared this vanilla one and it was amazing.



Truffles, snickers, cakes, you name it. After tasting us through monters from companies like Oumph!, Frill, Anamma and more plus looking at cruelty-free cosmetics and Corkei leather we headed out to the Food truck court.


Erika had a Veggie burger, which looked really yummy. I love how the pickled red onion matches her outfit.


And I had a pie/salad with beet hummus.IMG_8724

The day was really nice, I wish there were vegan expos more often (:
Here is what I came home with:
Go Green Quinoa and Coconut drink- free
Red lentil pasta- free
Blue Spirulina powder- 70 sek
MyVegies 100% Soy protein 900g – 150 sek
In Kale We Trust T-shirt- 300 sek
Plus a tummy stuffed with lovely foods, and a really happy feeling- free



The tote bag of awesome

I must admit I am a tad in love with my tote bag. Definitely one of the best tiny eco steps out there. My favourite, and most used one, is this beauty I got from my dear friend Faryal. Super sturdy, reliable, with the best text and always in my backpack. What more can you want from a tote bag?

I´m better than unicorns and sparkles combined

This one I usually use for my climbing clothes, shoes and calk, but when in need it takes the role of a shopping bag. If you have not done so yet, get a tote bag! No more plastic bags for shopping – it’s such a waste. It produces a lot of plastic, the handles will break unexpectedly, and there is no way you need that many garbage bags! A tote bag is easy to bring along when you shop, or to just keep in the bottom of your bag for when need arises. Plus, it looks good.

And you can never have enough good looking tote bags. I´m expanding my collections as we speak – just had two before so there’s lot of room to expand that! 😀

I got 99 problems but…

… not eating eggs ain’t one. Hey guys look!

I took a stroll around Goodstore in town and bought some cruelty-free egg replacement. Can’t wait to try it in my baking and cooking!
I have been using aquafaba (chickpea water), chia seeds and banana as egg replacement, so it is going to be very interesting to try this out.
It even says on the backside how much to use depending on how much/ what in the egg you are replacing.

Here is a list called ” 21 Things the Egg Industry Doesn’t Want You to See” made by the organisation PETA.
You can find the whole list here.

1. It takes approximately 34 hours for a hen to produce an egg.

2. So to keep up with demand, more than 300 million hens are used by the U.S. egg industry every year.

7. The females head to a life in the egg industry …

8. … and the males are either tossed into trash bags to suffocate …

9. … or ground up alive.

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