Chocolate chip cookies

I bought an egg replacement powder a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday I baked chocolate chip/nut cookies and they turned out great! So I wanted to share the recipe with you guys: Chocolate chip cookies Ingredients 170 g dairy-free butter... Continue Reading →

Day 6 of zero waste

Hi peeps! Today I have had a pretty chill day (: Started it by working out at the gym with the bf. We trained legs, so lots of both front and back squats some deadlifts etc. Tomorrow we are going... Continue Reading →

Day 4- the sloppy lunchbox

Today went good actually.  I started work a bit later so I had a loong breakfast and enjoyed some tv-series. I made a smoothie bowl consisting of frozen pineapple and banana plus some lime juice and zest. The taste was... Continue Reading →

Zero wasting- Day one: the challenges

Hello! The first day of zero wasting is almost over, and I must say that it went pretty well! I made a sweet potato soup and seed crisp bread yesterday evening, so I brought that to work for lunch today.... Continue Reading →

Crossfit Open

Igår släpptes första Crossfit Open träningspasset för i år. En gång i veckan, i fem veckor släpps ett nytt träningspass eller en så kallad WOD. Människor runt hela världen kan registrera sig på den internationella Crossfithemsidan och därefter tävla genom... Continue Reading →


Snubblade över en fråga i ett annat forum som jag tänkte kunde vara kul att svara på, så här har ni det: Vilka är dina bästa tips för att må bra i kropp och knopp? Mina bästa tips är: 1.... Continue Reading →

En historia om månen och solen

En av mina favoritböcker är My Sisters Keeper. Fortfarande sitter framförallt en del som Anna berättar kvar i mig. Om jag ska vara ärlig vet jag inte varför jag har läst just den biten så många gånger, varför jag nästan... Continue Reading →

My morning musts

  Lately I have had tendency of being a bit tired in the mornings. Usually I am a morning person and do not have any problems getting out of bed. I work full time and most of my mornings are... Continue Reading →

Hello friends! We have decided to make some new arrangements on the blog to make it both easier for you guys and for us. We will focus our writing on more specific topics such as health in all forms and... Continue Reading →

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