Chocolate chip cookies

I bought an egg replacement powder a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday I baked chocolate chip/nut cookies and they turned out great! So I wanted to share the recipe with you guys: Chocolate chip cookies Ingredients 170 g dairy-free butter... Continue Reading →

Day 6 of zero waste

Hi peeps! Today I have had a pretty chill day (: Started it by working out at the gym with the bf. We trained legs, so lots of both front and back squats some deadlifts etc. Tomorrow we are going... Continue Reading →

Day 4- the sloppy lunchbox

Today went good actually.  I started work a bit later so I had a loong breakfast and enjoyed some tv-series. I made a smoothie bowl consisting of frozen pineapple and banana plus some lime juice and zest. The taste was... Continue Reading →

Sweetpotato soup and seed crackers

Sweet potato soup recipe 1 large sweet potato 1 teaspoon sambal oelek 2 tablespoon coconut cream Water- until you get the consistency you like (I like mine thick) Peel and cut the potato in to cubes and put it in... Continue Reading →

Zero wasting- Day one: the challenges

Hello! The first day of zero wasting is almost over, and I must say that it went pretty well! I made a sweet potato soup and seed crisp bread yesterday evening, so I brought that to work for lunch today.... Continue Reading →

I got 99 problems but…

... not eating eggs ain't one. Hey guys look! I took a stroll around Goodstore in town and bought some cruelty-free egg replacement. Can't wait to try it in my baking and cooking! I have been using aquafaba (chickpea water),... Continue Reading →

Throw Down: (everything in the oven and hope for the best) Cooking class with Nikki

My first attempt of making a vegan savoury pie actually went okay. -I made the crust out of chickpeas, soy-flour and coconut oil (omg when the pie had chilled over night in the fridge the crust tasted like crunchy hummus... Continue Reading →

Smoothierecept <3

Hej vänner! Trist torsdag kräver lite inspo i form av färg, för min del iallafall. Här har ni en av de absolut godaste smoothies jag gjort. Passar perfekt om man vill vardagslyxa, slurpa i sig lite extra vätska och energi... Continue Reading →

Snart börjar äventyret

Mitt wifi har varit lite svajigt de senaste dagarna. Men nu sitter vi i shoppingcentret Siam Discovery med supersnabbt wifi. Om några timmar bär det av mot gränsen till Burma för sexdagars trekking i djungeln. Här ska vi bland annat... Continue Reading →

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