The tote bag of awesome

I must admit I am a tad in love with my tote bag. Definitely one of the best tiny eco steps out there. My favourite, and most used one, is this beauty I got from my dear friend Faryal. Super sturdy, reliable, with the best text and always in my backpack. What more can you want from a tote bag?

I´m better than unicorns and sparkles combined

This one I usually use for my climbing clothes, shoes and calk, but when in need it takes the role of a shopping bag. If you have not done so yet, get a tote bag! No more plastic bags for shopping – it’s such a waste. It produces a lot of plastic, the handles will break unexpectedly, and there is no way you need that many garbage bags! A tote bag is easy to bring along when you shop, or to just keep in the bottom of your bag for when need arises. Plus, it looks good.

And you can never have enough good looking tote bags. I´m expanding my collections as we speak – just had two before so there’s lot of room to expand that! 😀


My first tiny eco steps


I´m in the process of transitioning to a more eco-friendly life. This includes minimalizing my trash, using more natural and near-produced products, increasing reuse of products and simply finding alternatives to environment-consuming ways. In a short series #firsttinyecosteps I will share the first tiny steps I am making to transition in to a more environmental friendly lifestyle.

This is a fairly new thing for me. I´ve been conscious of my impact before and tried not to do overly wasteful things, to never litter, to choose good alternative etc. But I never actually thought about it and strived to be better. I´ve preferred ecological, but I´ve never gone out of my way to change things or find alternatives. But I am trying to do that not. Most of the thing I´ve changed are simple ones that are easy to do, not expensive and make a tiny impact on how I live my life. It does however mean something to the larger picture. Which is why my first tiny eco steps is something you should do too.

My morning musts


Lately I have had tendency of being a bit tired in the mornings. Usually I am a morning person and do not have any problems getting out of bed. I work full time and most of my mornings are early ones, and sometimes I get to bed waYyyyy too late.
But I have tree little things I always try to do, just to give myself the best start I can get.
Always eat breakfast
Even though I am not that old, I have gotten to know myself during these 19 years. Me doing stuff on an empty stomach, especially when it is mentally challenging, is a BIG no no.
If I do not want the outcome of it to be me ending up crying, screaming or irritated as fuck I better eat. Not just for me, for everyone else’s safety.
 Walk outside
I try to walk to work every morning. It’s roughly 5 km, which is a perfect length for me. It takes about 45 minutes in a normal/slow tempo which gives me enough time to wake up properly and plan my day in my head.
 Put on a podcast
Instead of watching tv or scrolling Instagram I put on a podcast. I believe that I get more out of it and can do other stuff in the same time like making breakfast or packing my bag etc. While walking to work it feels like I am in the conversation with the podcast hosts and I have had several people look at me strangely because of all the times I’ve started laughing uncontrollably.
But what ever, I am happy and that is the important thing.
So remember that, always focus on what makes you happy. Because it is the small things that build up your life, and it is happening right now. Not tomorrow, not next weekend. Now.

This here is a blog about sustainability – which is something we believe in. We are Nikki (vegan and health nut) and Erika (human rights advocate), both trying to good one step at a time!

 Sustainability can mean a lot of things and therefore this blog does many things. But there will be some regulars:

Wednesday means a tinyecostep from Erika – easy things you can change today.

Sunday comes with a warderobe update by Erika – with finds from sustainable stores, second-hand and homemade pieces.

Any day can mean health and vegan posts from Nikki, keeping you up to date with her life.

Scroll down to find what has happened so far.

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