Hello friends! We have decided to make some new arrangements on the blog to make it both easier for you guys and for us. We will focus our writing on more specific topics such as health in all forms and... Continue Reading →

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Our hike to the nature reserve

  We started our day around 8.30 when we hopped on the bus that went all the way from our station Tanjung Tokong to the National park, which took about 45 min. The public transport in Penang is really cheap... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Penang

The past 9 days in Malaysia have been really great. One of the greatest things with the city of Penang is that they have pretty recently become more and more environmentally friendly. They have this campaign running with the slogan... Continue Reading →

Fresh fruit finds

France is a great place for fresh fruit. Unlike home, you can find fruit that is day fresh and transported only a few hours. And the taste is wonderful. Whenever you are out travelling, make sure to buy some fresh... Continue Reading →

Todays choice

Today we visited the amazing Carrières de lumières. If you are ever in southern France, visit it. And if you're not, youtube it. It was truly amazing and almost overwhelming. Afterwards we strolled through Le Village which is located right... Continue Reading →


While Erika has been out climbing in France (omg looks so fun!!!). I have hopped on an airplane, or actually three to be precise, to visit my mother in Malaysia. If we start right there, I flew for almost 20 hours... Continue Reading →

Lacking sustainability in my week of climbing

Speaking sustainability, I loved my week of climbing but for being such an outdoorsy activites centre, the whole sustainable idea was missing in several areas (great in some, but thats for an other entry). And there was little I could... Continue Reading →

In France for a week of climbing

Yesterday was the last day of a week of awesome climbing. Me and my partner have spent the week in france with wonderful instructors, really beautiful views and awesome walls. It has been amazing. I've never done outdoors climbing before... Continue Reading →

Chocolate chip cookies

I bought an egg replacement powder a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday I baked chocolate chip/nut cookies and they turned out great! So I wanted to share the recipe with you guys: Chocolate chip cookies Ingredients 170 g dairy-free butter... Continue Reading →

Drinking and great stories?

I am what I would call a natural abstainer. I don't refrain from drinking from moral grounds or bad experiences, but because I don't like the taste. For me it doesn't make sense how you have to "get used" to... Continue Reading →

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