How to make a clean joke

PK- klubben
Last week my mother turned 40, so I had bought us tickets to a stand up show called PK- Klubben (translated to Politically Correct Club).
It was hosted by two social media active power women, Clara and Cissi. And holy damn it was good! They had four guest comedians which all of them had cool and funny things to come with. The topics varied from all between periods, guys with no sense of moral, vaginas, Donald Trump and the climate change, the offended white male, discrimination of people based on their colour and farts.
The main thing about this comedy club is that they only “kick upwards” as they phrased it.
No old jokes about women in the kitchen, disabled people etc. And it was so liberating to know, that every single soul in that theatre had good opinions and knew how you should treat other people.

There was some “harsher” parts but as one of the guest comedians said, “I only joke about things that I own, like my own disabilities, my own nationality and things that are in some way attached to me”.
I am from Finland for example, this makes it okay for me to joke about it, because this is a label that is attached to me, or that I have chosen to attach to myself. It would not be okay for me to joke about somebody who is for example adopted or in a wheel chair, but it is okay to joke about being a girl, facial scarring or Finnish people and Sauna. Because these labels are mine, therefore they are also mine to joke about.

What they meant with kicking upwards was also that it is more okay to joke about those who are on top of the hierarchy. For example there are more male bosses in Sweden that are named Stefan, than there are female bosses in total. Here it would be okay to joke about all the Stefans, because they are a majority. Kicking back on minorities is never okay. If the minority has an opinion which differs from yours, just ignore them and don’t give them air time in your private talk show aka your life.
Just do like Miriam Bryant sings:
Rocket, rocket, rocket away.
I’m rocketing away, cause I need space (from your ugly ass discriminating opinions).🚀🚀🚀


School has started (soon)

Long time no see

A lot has happened since I last wrote a post. I have quit my job at the 4H farm and started studying at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. I have started a five (omg like eternity long) year program which will make me an engineer in biotechnology.
I am currently in my first week, out of two, of the program initiation.
So I am getting to know a lot of new people at the same time and trying to get a perspective of where everything is at campus.
I am enjoying myself a lot and we will see how everything feels when school starts for real, after the initiation.
This is a hard subject with a long way to struggle through, a very nice and fancy school packed with super smart people.
All these factors make me doubt myself a bit.
It also gives me fire, fire to start school and learn, to get more knowledge and maybe be able to make an impact on the world in the end.
Biotechnology is a broad subject, where you can start focusing on almost anything and trying to make it more sufficient.
There are two paths, one which leans more to the environment and the other is more about health and medicine.
I was at a lecture two days ago, where this professor told us about his work with finding a cure to breast cancer. After his research he actually found a new way of diagnostics for breast cancer, which they actually use at hospitals.
Another professor told us about her profession in polymers and her work with plastic and trying to reduce it.
She and her partners have started a seaweed plantation where they use the cellulose in the seaweed and modify it in to plastic resembling materials, which are just as to compost as which ever plant.
How cool isn’t this subject!
And there are millions of other ways in this field to start researching and finding solutions for making more sustainable.
Only your lack of curiosity and your imagination can stop you.

Day 6 of zero waste

Hi peeps! Today I have had a pretty chill day (: Started it by working out at the gym with the bf. We trained legs, so lots of both front and back squats some deadlifts etc. Tomorrow we are going to do a teamwod at the crossfit box near us, so I am very excited. We have just hanged around all day and enjoyed the lovely weather, had a big melon for lunch because it was all I had at his place. But I compensated it by having a big big dinner (: We barbecued lots of veggies such as carrot, paprika, corn and I also had beans, avocado and sweet potato. Delicious and filling ❀ Now we are actually on our way to get some ice cream in town. I’ll “cheat” a bit by also buying, but I mean, if I have a cone with ice cream and don’t take any napkins or plastic spoon, it’s kind of waste free. I promise not to through away any of it (;


Sliding in to the ice cream vendor like…

The Story Behind The (Almost) Homemade Subway Sandwich

Yesterday was a preeetty specked day!
I had work at the 4H stable from 8 am to 5 pm.
A funny thing was that there were lots of activity stations such as Zumba, orientation and cycling in the park where the 4H stable is located. This was organised for a  big crowd  of people and we contributed with horse and carriage rides. When all of the activity stations were closing down one of them donated a whole box of eco bananas to me and Erika. WIN!

After my work day I got a ride straight to my crossfit class which was between 6-7 pm.
After that me and my mom fed the animals at 4H their night snack.
Then we quickly drove to the grocery store to pick up something to eat. I thought this was a bit of a challenge because I was really hungry and had to find something filling but no waste to eat. I bought the biggest walnut/fig bread loaf that I could find from their bakery and had lots of the bananas that were donated to us earlier that day.
Then we drove approximately 40 mins to my uncles garage (he’s a mechanic) and left our car with him. My mom is leaving for Malaysia today, and will be away for 10 weeks. I don’t have a license, so it’s better that the car is being used at my uncles than if it would just stand and rust at our parking lot.

After all the events yesterday, we got home around 9.30 pm. I had no time or energy to make something proper for today’s lunch.
So I used the other half of the bread and made a sandwich.
A real damn good sandwich, if I may.

Balcony feel good

This is how pretty my balcony looks right now. Greens cheer me up, and they make the air better. These are outside, but still. These are peas, pear tomatoes and berries. I’m looking forward for the pay off!

Oh, and that’s my fox.

Saturday 10/6 Vegan expo

We spent almost 4 hours at VegomĂ€ssan, which is Sweden’s biggest vegan expo. The organizer of the event is DjurrĂ€ttsalliansen (Animal Rights Alliance).
The concept of VegomĂ€ssan is: to collect the most companies and organizations selling veg products or working with veg- related issues under one roof for one day. This way, you can take part of a unique and unbeatable range of veg everything at the same time. The fair holds something for everyone whether you are already vego or curious about a greener lifestyle and in search for inspiration.”

There were lots and LOTS of things to see and taste. I think we tasted about 4 different brands of vegan ice cream and all of them had a variety of different flavours.
Here is a picture of the new Swedish brand named Tre VÀnners Glass. From left to right we have, Roasted nuts and Caramel sauce + a pinch of salt,  Peppermint and Chocolate and last but not least Pineapple and Coconut.
All three of the flavors were out of this world! The swirl of caramel sauce and the cunkyness of the nuts, drooool… I have been longing for a vegan mint ice cream and this one tasted just like a Finnish candy called PĂ€tkis. The coconut and pineapple flavor was not as heavy as the two other ones, it was more fruity but still delicious.

There were numbers of different vegan cheeses out on taste, but Erika not being a fan of cheese, and me not liking the consistency and taste of many vegan cheeses, it was just not something for us. All sorts of tofu was also on display and for sale, some were good but cold tofu has its way of tasting like wet rubber in my opinion. I am sure that the tofu products would have tasted better if they were cooked and hot.


There was also this Estonian chocolate factory/bakery which had the most fantastic baked goods and gigantic chocolate balls I’ve ever seen. They were literally almost as big as Erikas face😂 We shared this vanilla one and it was amazing.



Truffles, snickers, cakes, you name it. After tasting us through monters from companies like Oumph!, Frill, Anamma and more plus looking at cruelty-free cosmetics and Corkei leather we headed out to the Food truck court.


Erika had a Veggie burger, which looked really yummy. I love how the pickled red onion matches her outfit.


And I had a pie/salad with beet hummus.IMG_8724

The day was really nice, I wish there were vegan expos more often (:
Here is what I came home with:
Go Green Quinoa and Coconut drink- free
Red lentil pasta- free
Blue Spirulina powder- 70 sek
MyVegies 100% Soy protein 900g – 150 sek
In Kale We Trust T-shirt- 300 sek
Plus a tummy stuffed with lovely foods, and a really happy feeling- free



FrĂ„n impulsivitet till medvetenhet: LĂ€rdomar om kroppen min

Jag minns inte dagen jag slutade. Som sĂ„ mĂ„nga andra, Ă€r jag en sĂ„dan som först trappade ned för att prova om det fungerade. NĂ€r jag insĂ„g att det gjorde det, fungerade alltsĂ„, blev jag sĂ„ exalterad att jag rĂ„kade slĂ„ en helomvĂ€ndande dubbelvolt…. Och lyckades landa pĂ„ ansiktet, lite halvt. För att senare svĂ€lja min stolthet och stĂ€lla mig upp igen. Jag skriver om hur jag insĂ„g att konsumtion och utnyttjande av djur, som vĂ„rt samhĂ€lle Ă€r uppbyggt pĂ„, inte var nĂ„got jag ville bidra till.
Som sÄ mÄnga andras vÀg, var min krokig och stenig, men jag har slutligen funnit nÄgon slags balans och den fortsÀtter jag att strÀva efter i min vardag.
Men vi kan ju börja med att prata om den dÀr faceplanten, som bÄde var sjÀlslig och kroppslig.För om en rÄkar vara en köttÀtande tonÄring med thaiboxningstrÀningar ca 4-5 gÄnger i veckan och  en Àndrar om sin kost till en vegetarisk variant, sÄ ska det i praktiken inte vara nÄgra problem. Med en hyfsad kost dÀr man slÀnger in diverse mejeriprodukter (kvargberoende för min del) och nÄgra Àgg hÀr och dÀr krÀvs det knappt nÄgon förkunskap för tidigare nÀmnda thaiboxare. Om denne sedan nÄgon mÄnad senare beslutar sig för att gÄ snÀppet lÀngre och bli vegan, sÄ skulle det med en varierad kost inte heller vara ett större problem i sig. I ekvationen kan vi dÀremot addera att tonÄringen varit naiv och inte lÀst pÄ ordentligt om exakt vilka essentiella nutrienter sÄ som vitaminer, mineraler och proteiner hens kropp behöver, trots att hen i dÄlÀget lÀste Natur-Natur pÄ gymnasiet och var mycket intresserad av biologi. Vi kan Àven addera att tonÄringen endast levde pÄ ugnsrostade rotgrönsaker, havregrynsgröt och smoothies en lÀngre period, stora portioner ocksÄ, men i gamla köttÀtarmÄtt mÀtt (dvs aaalldeles extrasuperduper för lite).  Motivationen för denna sortens ansvarslösa kosthÄllning var att det ju ÀndÄ var exakt vad alla andra Instagram-veganer lade ut pÄ sina konton, sÄ varför skulle inte hen ocksÄ kunna leva sÄ.
Som ni kanske redan förutspÄtt slutade detta i ett kroppsligt fiasko för mig.
Orkeslösheten smög sig pÄ mig sakta men sÀkert. Jag mÀrkte den inte sjÀlv till en början, men fick en del kommentarer jag viftade bort. Det var inte förrÀn den började gÄ ut ordentligt över trÀningen som jag tog den pÄ allvar och besökte en lÀkare. LÀkaren berÀttade efter ett hemoglobinprov att jag hade brist pÄ jÀrn, och ingen liten sÄdan. Det normala Hb-vÀrdet för en kvinna Àr 130-170 g/L blod och sjÀlv satt man dÀr pÄ sina 69 g/L och undrade varför man mÄdde skit. Pust. HÀr hade jag suttit och trott att jag rÀddade vÀrlden med min nya livsstil, medan lÀkaren berÀttade att blodtransfusion skulle varit nÀsta steg om jag varit nÄgra Är Àldre. Tur för mig att jag bara var 16 Är och kunde knapra jÀrntabletter för glatta livet. Detta resulterade i att jag faktiskt, till min egen förtvivlan tvingades att se mig sjÀlv besegrad, och gick  tillbaka till att vara vegetarian. Jag som hade pratat sÄ öppet om hur bra det gick för mig att vara vegan, utan att egentligen veta ett dyft om vad jag höll pÄ med. Jag hade inte bara skadat min kropp, utan detta hade Àven gÄtt ut över andra omkring mig. DÀrför, nÀr jag cirka 7 mÄnader senare började hinta min omgivning om att jag ville bli vegan igen, blev jag inte bemött av de allra gladaste hejaropen om vi sÀger sÄ.
Jag hade sjÀlvklart backning av mina nÀra och kÀra, men fick samtidigt höra hÄrda ord som grundade sig i oro. Oro som jag hade byggt upp, och som var helt befogad. Jag menar, jag hade ju misslyckats en gÄng, varför skulle det inte kunna sluta i samma gamla spÄr. Var jag inte tillrÀckligt pÄlÀst denna gÄngen, och lÀt min kropp förtvina, sÄ skulle de inte lyssna pÄ mig lÀngre. De skulle inte tro pÄ mina trötta ord om att jag skulle skÀrpa mig, som jag sÄ ofta sagt dÄ. Skulle jag leva efter denna livsstilen sÄ skulle jag banne mig ta det seriöst. Ta mig sjÀlv och min hÀlsa seriöst.Och det Àr hÀr jag Àr idag. Tar min hÀlsa seriöst, superseriöst till och med. Vem visste att lite B12, jÀrn och Mitt Val Vegetarian kunde ha en sÄdan stor inverkan. Sen hjÀlper det ju himla mycket att jag tagit mig ut rotgrönis-smoothie-gröt-bubblan, och faktiskt Àter tillrÀckligt med nÀringsrik mat (stora portioner, veganmÄtt mÀtt denna gÄngen!).

Detta var alltsĂ„ första delen av min lilla bloggberĂ€ttelse FrĂ„n impulsvitet till medvetenhet. FortsĂ€ttning följer mina vĂ€nner, och dĂ„ kommer det handla om mina tankar kring hĂ„llbarhet. OCH. Varför jag valt att fokusera pĂ„ just veganismen och se det som mitt största bidrag för att försöka göra denna lilla blĂ„gröna sfĂ€r till en sĂ„ trevlig plats som möjligt, för alla inblandade organismer. ❀

Umphang trekking

Senaste dagarna har spenderats i ett naturreservat vid namn Umphang, 4 timmars bilfÀrd frÄn den thailÀndska staden Mae Sot. HÀr har vi, tillsammans med flertalet guider och 8 andra skandinaver forsrÀnnt, hikeat, sovit pÄ camping, badat i bÄde varma kÀllor och hoppat frÄn vattenfall, besökt samt övernattat i en djungelby.


Det har varit ett Ă€ventyr, fyllt av skratt, mygg, nya vĂ€nner, hĂ„rda sĂ€ngar, extremt morgonpigga golande tuppar, chipsstjĂ€lande hundar, guider som skrattande berĂ€ttar om folk som dött av tarantellor, alldeles för stora mĂ€ngder av durian samt hoppat frĂ„n samma vattenfall som vi men landat pĂ„ stenar. Helt klart en upplevelse jag aldrig kommer glömma. Dagens visdomsord, som vĂ„r coola guide “Kurt” alltid avslutade sina historier med.

Never die.

Liten video frĂ„n vĂ„r resa

HĂ€r har ni en Backpacking video som vi filmat under de 10 första dagarna i Thailand 😀

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