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Drinking and great stories?

I am what I would call a natural abstainer. I don't refrain from drinking from moral grounds or bad experiences, but because I don't like the taste. For me it doesn't make sense how you have to "get used" to... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on a week of sustainability

As said, living zero-waste was not my thing. Mostly because of food limitations. I will post my week of waste in another post, but this is some thought on the week and waste-free living. Here is why its not my... Continue Reading →

Just walked past this…

..and it gives me more faith in a sustainable city. Recycle through someone is both recycling and supportive - unlike throwing it in the bin. Good work local city planing - and keep it up! 🙂

Third day of our zero waste experiment

.. and I must admit that I don't like it. Is so frustrating and limiting! The no plastic part is pretty easy, aside from qourn and soy products, but the no-cardboard part is killing me! No milk (or replacement), no... Continue Reading →

First day waste free

Today was our first day waste free. One thing I did was shopping – only wrapping free, or glass or metal. It was hard, and heavy. Buying beans in metal containers instead of cardboard makes a huge difference. Not sure... Continue Reading →

Balcony feel good

This is how pretty my balcony looks right now. Greens cheer me up, and they make the air better. These are outside, but still. These are peas, pear tomatoes and berries. I'm looking forward for the pay off! Oh, and... Continue Reading →

Welcome Zero Waste Challenge

Starting Monday, Nikki and I am challenging ourselves to live waste free for a week. But what does this mean? We find several of the active zero-waste bloggers such an inspiration in their effort and want to explore how we... Continue Reading →

What is environmental friendly?

Do I have to buy specific products – like only glass? Or do I look at how long it travelled to get here, and try just to shop near-produced? Do I prioritize raw food and avoid long processes that demand... Continue Reading →

The tote bag of awesome

I must admit I am a tad in love with my tote bag. Definitely one of the best tiny eco steps out there. My favourite, and most used one, is this beauty I got from my dear friend Faryal. Super... Continue Reading →

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